The Very Best Case Hardened Steel Bushes

Kormax is dedicated to enabling engineering victories through a collaborative ‘Better by Design’ service of innovative design and manufacturing capabilities.

Our world-class high impact bushings are purpose-built to endure the toughest of challenges in a multitude of industries from mining, farming, automotive, construction, and heavy mechanical engineering. Industries where reliability and performance are absolutely paramount.

Our case-hardened steel bushes can be custom manufactured to suit your unique specification. They are ideally suited for lubricated applications and can be manufactured with central, plain, or customised grease grooves for oil or grease. If required, we also offer chemical or physical test certificates to meet all key OEM requirements.

We bring over 70 years’ worth of experience and engineering knowledge to the table, innovating bushing solutions from materials right through to delivery.

When you work with Kormax, you only get the very best.

Here are seven reasons why our bushes are exactly that.

1. Long Life Span

All Kormax Case Hardened Bushes are induction hardened to achieve a 56-60 HRC surface hardness. Kormax bushes can last multiple times the life of other non-hardened bushes.

2. Reduced Journal Wear

Kormax bushes are finished with a smooth grind. This ensures a uniform lubrication distribution in operation and reduced wear on pins.

3. Reduce Breakages

Kormax bushes are machined from a bearing steel with extra high tensile strength, even higher than the common 1040 and 1045 steels used by many. This reduces the chance of breakages that cause damage and downtime.

4. Easy & Tight Fitment

Kormax bushes are made with a 1.5 mm chamfer to make it easy inserting them into housings using either a press fit or freeze fit. Kormax bushes are made with a precise oversize amount to ensure a secure interference fit.

5. Corrosion Free

All Kormax bushes come oil coated and individually wrapped in plastic. This ensures your bushes remain corrosion free before fitment.

6. 3rd Party Quality Controlled

Kormax has a quality control team independent of the production team to ensure reliability.

7. Custom Made for Manufacturers

For manufacturers buying large quantities, Kormax manufactures to OEMs specifications. This includes customised dimensions, grease groove pattern, and fitment allowances, branded with your Name & Part Number.

We Love Engineering Victories

Experience a seamless four-stage approach to plain bearing and bushing design and supply. Kormax can answer your questions, provide direction, and show you a solution that enhances your application through design.

Need a bush now? We also have over 170 standard sizes in stock and delivery world-wide.

Contact Kormax to start your engineering victory today.

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