Introduction To Bushings

Kormax offers a range of Bronze and Case Hardened Steel Plain Bearings and Bushings for heavy duty applications. We design plain bearings in varied sizes for a wide range of industrial applications that require minimal maintenance, reliability, and cost-efficiency with long service life.

Our team has extensive experience in supplying industry with quality bushings and can assist you in supplying standard or custom bushings for your intended application.

Bronze Bushes

Kormax’s plain bronze bearings, also known as bronze sleeve bushings, are manufactured from continuous cast bronze, conforming to AS1565 grade C83600 (BS1400 LG2). Progressive sizes are available in imperial and metric sizes, however Kormax can also manufacture bronze bushings to your specific size and tolerance requirements.

Some advantages of bronze bushings include excellent corrosion resistance, the ability to operate at high temperatures, ease of machinability, excellent surface finishes, high dimensional precision, resistance to metal fatigue, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Due to these properties, bronze bushings are often employed in ship propellers, pumps, small electric motors, agricultural machinery, earth moving machinery, and other industries.

Bronze Bushes

Good chemical resistance
Suitable for temperatures up to 250°C/482°F
Reasonable corrosion resistance to seawater

Case Hardened Steel Bushes

Kormax offers a range of world-class high impact Case Hardened Steel Bushes 56-60HRC with central, plain, or customised grease grooves. Suitable for heavy machinery with lubrication. Purpose-built to endure the toughest of challenges in industries where reliability and performance are paramount. A wide range of sizes are available in stock or custom bushes can be manufactured to suit your unique specification. We can even supply Case Hardened Steel Bushes with your own logo.

Case Hardened Steel Bushes

Suited for high impact applications
High wear and deformation resistance
Require grease lubrication

Why Choose Us

Kormax operates in various sectors across the world, utilising our leading engineering, manufacturing, and global distribution capabilities to offer world-class solutions for engineers. As a fourth-generation family-owned business, Kormax brings 75 years of Foundry and Engineering Metals experience to your project.

+75 Years' Experience

Est. 1947. We have over 75 years of Foundry production and metals experience

Adding Value

Our knowledgeable, solutions-orientated, and innovative team adds value to projects

Supply Security

De-risking supply chain with customized solutions to best suit customers’ needs

Top-tier Foundries

Multiple Foundry facilities with leading capabilities across several different countries

Proven Reliability

3 Warehouse Facilities across NZ, AU and USA, with outstanding customer service

Quality Management

ISO Certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14401and ISO 45501 ensures quality systems are in place

Plain Bearings & Heavy Duty Bushings NZ, AU & USA
Plain Bearings & Heavy Duty Bushings NZ, AU & USA
Plain Bearings & Heavy Duty Bushings NZ, AU & USA

Bushings for Heavy Duty Applications.

Providing quality raw materials and design engineered solutions to New Zealand and Australian industries, Kormax is the first choice for performance bearing solutions and engineering materials.

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