Non-Ferrous Cast Bar and Extruded Bar Range


Manufactured using Extrusion.

Vital for industries using structural components, due to its strength to weight ratio, low density, and corrosion resistant properties.

Aluminium 6061

Aluminium 6061-T6

Medium to high strength alloy
Very good corrosion resistance
Economical & suited to a wide range of applications
Aluminium 6082

Aluminium 6082-T6

Higher tensile strength than 6061
Improved corrosion resistance
Strong anodising properties
Aluminium 6061

Aluminium 7075-T6

High tensile strength and ductility
Good fatigue resistance
Excellent for structural applications


Manufactured using Continuous or Centrifugal Casting methods.

Favoured material when strength and corrosion resistance are called for and for bearing and sliding applications. Commonly used in marine hardware, pump and valve bodies, gears, etc. Bronze is infinitely recyclable ensuring it can be reused time and again.

LG2 Leaded Gunmetal Bronze

LG2 Leaded Gunmetal Bronze

Excellent machining properties
Medium strength
Good pressure tightness

SAE660 932 Leaded Bronze

Excellent machining properties
Medium strength
Good bearing properties
954 Aluminium Bronze

954 Aluminium Bronze

High strength
Excellent wear resistance
Good impact resistance
AB2 Nickel Aluminium Bronze

AB2 Nickel Aluminium Bronze

Suitable for marine applications
Superior corrosion resistance
Superior wear resistance
630 Nickel Aluminium Bronze

630 Nickel Aluminium Bronze

Wide variety of sizes in small increments
Extruded material gives superior strength – Kormax’s toughest off-the-shelf material
Exceptional wear & corrosion resistance
PB1 Phosphor Bronze

PB1 Phosphor Bronze

Handles high working loads
Good for high working speeds
Suitable for pump and valve components
PB2 Phosphor Bronze

PB2 Phosphor Bronze

Excellent wear resistance
Good machinability
Suitable for heavy sliding applications
863 Manganese Bronze

863 Manganese Bronze

Exceptionally strong
Good wearing properties
Suitable for hydraulic cylinder components


Manufactured using Extrusion.

Highly machinable, formable and corrosion-resistant making it commonly used for plumbing fittings, architectural hardware, fasteners, etc.

385 Brass

385 Brass

Superior machining characteristics
Long tooling life
Ideal for architectural applications


Manufactured using Extrusion.

Due to Copper’s thermal and electrical conductivity, it is widely used in conductors, gaskets, heat exchangers, radiators, etc.

110 Copper

110 Copper

High electrical conductivity
Ductile and highly formable
Corrosion Resistant

Cast Iron

Manufactured using Continuous Casting methods.

Cast Iron’s properties include having vibration dampening properties making it ideal for structural components of machine tools and automotive components.

3D and 4E Cast Iron

3D Ductile Cast Iron

High strength & resistant to impact
Highly elastic & ductile
High thermal & shock resistance
3D and 4E Cast Iron

4E Cast Iron

Withstands high pressures without leaking
Low tensile strength & elongation
Excellent vibration damping properties


Manufactured using Forging.

Some of Titanium’s key properties are its strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance characteristics. Commonly used in marine sports, super yachts, and aerospace applications.

Titanium Grade 5

Entirely heat treatable
Excellent corrosion resistance
High strength to weight ratio

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Engineering Metals For Industry
Engineering Metals For Industry
Engineering Metals For Industry

Engineering Metals For Industry

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