Our Team

As one team, we partner with our customers to succeed together. We are a group of innovative thinkers who thrive on empowering our customers with game-changing castings and materials solutions.

Scott Davis
Managing Director

With a wealth of first-hand foundry industry knowledge harnessed over 30 years, Scott Davis represents the 3rd generation of highly successful casting and engineering material business owners. 

A visionary man with a rigorous eye for opportunity, Scott isn’t just building on the foundations of his forefathers, he’s forging a new future entirely. Through exceptional standards in performance, infrastructure and service quality, Scott’s expertise in both casting and materials has helped to push Kormax to an industry leading position.  

But Scott’s not just passionate about industry, he’s a people person too which is evident in the successful team he leads. 

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Walter Davis
Sales Director 

With extensive experience from the ground up, being the fourth generation of the Milson Group founder, Walter’s welded abilities have co-steered the Kormax’s presence into Australia and USA.  

As our Sales Director, Walter has a decisive hand in identifying and delivering value with a deep understanding of customer needs. To ensure outstanding global standards and world-class solutions, Walter, with his passionate drive, facilitates collaboration between clients and our innovative engineering team. From the first point of contact to the entire customer journey, Walter ensures exceptional service at every single stage. 

Engineering Material Experts

Abrie van Aarde
Global Product Development Engineer 

A metallurgical engineer with a proven 20-year track record of manufacturing experience, Abrie plays a fundamental role in gatekeeping product delivery at the highest levels of expectation.  

During his international career, Abrie has been involved in a very wide range of designing, manufacturing, quality control, and research and development functions. These key skills, combined with his in depth understanding and knowledge of materials, their mechanical properties, and abilities are vital in his role as our Product Development Engineer. Abrie is instrumental in analysing crucial processes to maximize efficiency and identifying the necessary quality controls and parameters at every stage of our customers’ projects.  

With a passion for meeting new people and using challenges as catalysts for development and learning, Abrie is a valuable asset to ensure innovative and reliable solutions for Kormax and our clients.  

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Reuben Atkinson
Quality Manager 

Through looking out for defects and inconsistencies in metal casting processes, Reuben possesses a pivotal eye for quality. With over 20 years’ experience in the foundry and metal casting industry, Reuben’s immeasurable ability to pinpoint errors makes him the Quality Manager we can rely on.  

But it’s not just about spotting errors, it’s about preventing them too.  

Reuben guides his expertise towards innovative process adjustments, improving casting designs and streamlining projects for customers. It’s simple – Reuben identifies a problem for a customer and solves it. So, when it comes to Kormax, we are proud that Reuben is a part of our ever-growing list of world-class solutions. 

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Josh Currie
Business Development Manager (NZ/International) 

With over 25 years of foundry experience, aiding Milsons Metals’ evolution into the Kormax brand, Josh’s close knowledge of both materials and casting has taught him one thing – if you want consistency, you have to oversee the details.  

Josh is a man of his word and will not compromise on quality whilst ensuring you receive excellent service for all time-critical projects. 

As our project lead, Josh was instrumental in Kormax achieving ISO certification in Quality (ISO 9001), Health and Safety (ISO 45001), and Environmental (ISO 14001). Quality assurance is synonymous with Kormax, and Josh is an example of how that extends to our Teams too.

Engineering Material Experts

Hamish Patterson
Business Development Manager(NZ/AU) 

Hamish is here to support customers directly. From helping customers with engineering materials and casting requirements to directing enquiries and assessing job demands, Hamish incorporates a measured and personable approach to business development. With a foundational understanding of business systems and entrenched industry knowledge, combined with a natural touch of personality, he makes sure customers have everything they need, exactly when they need it.  

It’s not just Hamish’s ability to exceed expectations and connect with customers that impresses us, it is the relationships and business knowledge he’s honed on the way.  

Hamish’s passion for excellence ensures Kormax provides customers with quality products to enable their engineering victories. 

Engineering Material Experts

Matt McNaughton 
Business Development Manager (AU)

Matt is a 4th generation machinist and qualified fitter and turner, with extensive heavy machining experience which includes Bronze and Aluminium. Matt brings valuable insights to our team with his 22 years of experience in all aspects of engineering from the shop floor, estimating, to selling cutting tools and engineering services.  

Being passionate about the fast-paced energy of interacting with customers to deliver on their needs, Matt is always sharing his experience to help our customers succeed.

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Derek Sands 
Sales Engineer 

Where there’s complexity, you need someone who makes things simple. With 23 years of experience, Derek utilises his fluid and practical skillsets to overcome specialist project challenges. From a career in working with metal alloys, casting processes and expert knowledge on best manufacturing methods, our Sales Engineer helps customers with the more complex projects. How? With a proven record of extensive knowledge on expanding industries, Dereks employs a creative insight that others may struggle to.  

Derek consistently uses foresight to get ahead of the market, customer needs, and understand what’s possible from a supply and manufacturing point of view. The outcome? Kormax and our customers stay ahead, every single day.

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Thomas McLean
Supply Chain Manager

From sourcing and manufacturing through to ordering and shipping, Thomas helps to keep the Kormax supply chain firmly interlinked. With an extensive background in customer service and sales, Thomas harnesses the power of digital tools, expert product knowledge, and innovative supply practices to maintain our global network of top-tier foundries and distribution partners. 

Thomas employs a robust quality management process which includes, regular supplier reviews and audits. This, combined with his continuous focus on global supply insight, process development and technological advancements means our pre-emptive Supply Manager ensures Kormax customers can have confidence in their product supply.  

With a passion for external community and charity work, Thomas employs his strong sense of connectedness in many areas of his life. The result for us? Successful supplier relationships and customers who get their product on time, every time. 

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Brenda Wormgoor
Marketing and Brand Manager

Brenda’s invaluable marketing expertise has been honed through 25 years in various marketing roles within both global corporates and leading locally owned businesses.  

Her main mantra? Brenda believes that marketing success is only achieved when one truly delivers on customer needs and build partnering relationships with customers. As Kormax’s Marketing Manager, Brenda is passionate about the irreplaceable expertise and inherent knowledge that exists within Kormax, and finding innovative ways to employ them into the service offering to our customers. The reward? The success of Kormax’s customers. She loves telling brand stories and highlighting our customers’ engineering feats, too.