PB2 Phosphor Bronze


Compared to PB1, PB2 phosphor bronze alloy has slightly increased tin content, giving excellent wear resistance. It offers high strength and good machining characteristics, with good corrosion resistance – especially in the environment of salt water and brine. Often referred to as ‘gear bronze’, PB2 is typically used in applications such as pump and valve components and bearings which are subject to medium to high loads and speeds. All Kormax PB2 Phosphor Bronze is manufactured using finely controlled continuous or centrifugal casting techniques, ensuring hardness and strength is superior to sand-casting methods. This also means that the material has a fine grain structure and is free from porosity.

Common Applications

Worm wheels and gears
Pump and valve components
Bushes and bearings
Marine ultrasonics
Excavation & cranes
Linear bearings
Vehicle hoist nuts
Leadscrew nuts

Key Features

Handles high working loads
Good for high working speeds
Suitable for pump and valve components
Good corrosion resistance to seawater and brine
Suitable for heavy duty gears and worm wheels
Commonly used in running nut applications such as vehicle hoists and leadscrews

Material Profile

Size Range
Metric Size Range (mm)
Imperial Size Range (in)
NZ (Availability)
AUS (Availability)
Manufacturing Method
Solid Round Bar
See Size Range
250.00 (OD) *
Continuous Cast & Centrifugal
Hollow Round Bar
See Size Range
110.00 to 250.00 (OD)
Continuous Cast & Centrifugal
Diameter (mm)
Diameter (inch)
Weight (Kg/MTR)
OD x ID (mm)
OD x ID (inch)
110 X 50
120 X 80
140 X 90
160 X 70
170 X 80
180 X 120
180 X 140
190 X 150
200 X 140
220 X 120
240 X 160
250 X 190

Chemical Composition

Element Symbol Range % Nominal %
Tin Sn 11.0-13.0 11.5
Lead Pb 0.50 maximum
Zinc Zn 0.30 maximum
Nickel Ni 0.50 maximum
Iron Fe 0.10 maximum
Aluminium Al 0.01 maximum
Phosphorus P 0.15-0.6 0.35
Copper Cu Balance

Mechanical Properties

Metric Values Imperial Values
Tensile Strength Min 300 N/mm² 44000 psi
Yield Strength Min 180 N/mm² 26000 psi
Elongation Min 10% 10%
Hardness Min 100 BHN 100 BHN

Comparative Specifications

BS1400 – PB2

AS1565 – 90810

ASTM B427 – C90800

ASTM B505 & B271 – C90700

SAE 65

JIS H5121 – CAC502C (PBC2C)

DIN 1705 – G – CuSn12

ISO 1338 – CuSn11P

Machining Allowances

All Kormax PB2 Bronze bar has machining allowances added to the sizes quoted. To use 180mm x 120mm hollow bar as an example, this material would measure approximately 182mm to 182.6mm OD x 116.5mm to 118mm ID as supplied (see table below). This allows finished components measuring 180mm OD x 120mm ID to be easily manufactured from 180mm x 120mm hollow bar.
Size Range OD Allowance ID Allowance
110mm to 190mm +2.00mm to +2.60mm -2.00mm to -3.50mm
Above 190mm +2.00mm to +3.00mm -2.00mm to -4.00mm


Data Sheet

Alloy PB2 (Phosphor Bronze) Data Sheet

PDF (50 KB)


What is Bronze and Bronze Alloy-Naming Systems and Standards?


Bronze Manufacturing Processes

PDF (702 KB)

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PB1 Phosphor Bronze

PB1 Phosphor Bronze contains 10% to 11% tin and is a high strength material that is often referred to as ‘gear bronze’. Components that are machined from PB1 are particularly durable in applications where high working loads and speeds are encountered, provided that there is good alignment and adequate lubrication. PB1 has good machining properties and good corrosion resistance to seawater and brine, making it suitable for pump and valve components. All Kormax PB1 Phosphor Bronze is manufactured using finely controlled continuous or centrifugal casting techniques to ensure hardness and strength is superior to sand-casting methods. This also means that the material has a fine grain structure and is free from porosity.