Introduction To Aluminium

Aluminium, a chemical element in the boron group, is a silvery white, non-magnetic, ductile, soft non-ferrous metal. Aluminium used for commercial purposes always contains small amounts of alloying elements that lend strength and hardness to the metal. Common aluminium alloys are grouped according to the main alloying element.

Kormax offers alloys from the 6000 series which are among the most versatile aluminium. They use silicon to lower melting temperature and improve fluidity, and magnesium to improve strength and strain hardening ability. Kormax also offers Alloy 7075 which, with Zinc as its primary alloying element, is a high-strength alloy with high fatigue resistance.


Structural components made from Aluminium are vital to the transportation, aerospace and construction sectors, due to its low density and corrosion resistant properties.

Some benefits of aluminium for CNC machining include good machinability, high corrosion resistance (due to its aluminium oxide film), high strength-to-weight ratio, recyclability, and a wide range of surface finishing options.

Aluminium 6061

Aluminium 6061-T6

Medium to high strength alloy
Very good corrosion resistance
Economical & suited to a wide range of applications
Aluminium 6082

Aluminium 6082-T6

Higher tensile strength than 6061
Improved corrosion resistance
Strong anodising properties
Aluminium 6061

Aluminium 7075-T6

High tensile strength and ductility
Good fatigue resistance
Excellent for structural applications

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Kormax Aluminium Manufacturing

Aluminium Specialists in NZ, USA, and AU

Kormax Aluminium is manufactured using Extrusion, which increases the tensile strength and the elastic modulus. Vital for industries using structural components, due to its strength to weight ratio, low density, and corrosion resistant properties.

During the extrusion process, long sections are produced as the heated aluminium billet is pushed through a die. The shape of the section produced is determined by the shape of the opening in the die.

Kormax Aluminium profiles include Solid Round, Square and Flat Bar with size range in round bar up to 320 mm diameter, and flat bar up to 425 mm wide and 203 mm thick.