Acetal (POM)


Kormax Acetal [technical name Polyoxymethylene] generally comes in either natural white or black colour. Acetal material has low moisture absorption [stable in humid environments], excellent machinability and its FDA compliance allows for direct contact with food stuffs. The black has improved UV resistance and is the preferred choice for outdoor / applications in direct sunlight. It has good dimensional stability but should not be used in temperatures operating above 90°C.

Common Applications


Key Features


Material Profile


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Dimensional Tolerances

Thickness Tolerances
1 mm to 10 mm +0.2 mm to +1.0 mm
12mm to 25 mm +0.3 mm to +1.5 mm
30 mm to 50 mm +0.5 mm to +2.5 mm
60 mm to 100 mm +0.1 mm to +3.5 mm
Diameter Tolerances
5 mm to 25 mm +0.1 mm to +1.1 mm
26 mm to 56 mm +0.2 mm to +1.3 mm
60 mm to 100 mm +0.4 mm to +2.2 mm
110 mm to 150 mm +0.5 mm to +4 mm
160 mm + +1.0 mm to +6 mm

Mechanical Properties

Material Metric Values Imperial Values
Tensile Strength at Break 65 N/mm² 9400 psi
Yield Strength 67 N/mm² 9700 psi
Elongation at Yield 22% 22%
Hardness 125 MPa 125 MPa

Thermal Properties

Thermal Properties Temperature
Melting Point 165°C
Maximum Service Temperature 90°C


Data Sheet

Acetal (POM) Data Sheet

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Polymer Properties Chart

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