Continuous Casting

Continuous Casting

When Continuous Casting, molten metal is poured from a furnace into a crucible which is cemented to the neck of a graphite die. The lower half of the die is water cooled so that the metal then sets in this section and is withdrawn through two sets of rollers. A flying saw mounted below the roller cuts the bar to the required length. Continuous cast bar has greatly improved physical properties when compared with normal sand-cast material. Because of the bottom pouring conditions and rapid cooling that the metal receives in the cooling zone, inclusions are completely eliminated, grain structure is tight and even, giving excellent pressure tightness qualities.

Continuous casting methods ensure that hardness and strength are superior. It also means that the material has a fine grain structure and is free from porosity. Continuous casting can produce bars of solid round, hollow round, flat, and square amongst others from ½”/12.7 mm up to 18”/457.2 mm.

Kormax’s Continuous Cast Metals Range

Kormax offers a range of continuous cast stock materials in standard sizes for further machining. Knowing how crucial these materials are to our customers’ projects, we offer a cut-to-size same day dispatch service.

Continuous castings can also be supplied in custom sizes and shapes.

Continuous Casting Services NZ, US, and AU


High material soundness, fine grain structures and defect-free

High mechanical strength

Dimensional integrity

Cost effective with high casting yield

Reduced machining requirements

Alloys Available

Alloys Related Markets
Leaded Bronze Air Actuators, Architecture, Couplings, Electrical Hardware, Plumbing Fixtures and Pipe fittings, Heating Equipment
Impellers, Marine Parts, Medium load Bearings, Printing Presses, Pump Parts, Small Gears, Transducer Housings,
Valve Bodies and Valves, Pump Parts, Valves, Bodies & Guides, Worm Gears
Aluminum Bronze Bearing Segments and Bushings, Construction Equipment Parts, Forestry Equipment Parts, Gears, High-Strength Clamps, Marine Hardware, Mining Equipment Parts, Pressure Blocks, Pump Parts, Valves, Bodies & Guides
Phosphor Bronze Worm wheels and gears, Pump and valve components, Bushes and bearings, Gears, Flanges, Hydraulics, Marine ultrasonics, Excavation & cranes, Linear bearings, Vehicle hoist nuts, Leadscrew nuts
Manganese Bronze Bridge Pins, Bushings, Cams, Forming Dies for Pulp Industry, Heavy Load Slow Speed Bearings, High Strength Machine Parts, Hydraulic Cylinder Parts, Valve Stems, Wear Rings
3D Ductile Cast Iron Heavy Duty Gears, Hydraulic Cylinder Components, Impellors, Pump Bodies, Rotors, Sprockets, Spur Gears, Worm Gears
4E Cast Iron Distributor Blocks, Hydraulic Cylinder Components, Pistons, Slide Bearings

Other metal types available includes: Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Titanium, and other Exotic Alloys.

Continuous Casting Capabilities

Profiles include Solid, Hollow Round, Square and Flat Bar

Continuous Casting
Size Range  ½” to 16” OD
Cost  Low
Design Freedom  Limited
Casting Soundness  Excellent 
Surface Finish  Excellent
Development Time  Not required for standard (Custom 4 – 8 weeks)
Production Time  3 – 8 weeks (Common size alloys in stock)
Foundry Locations  New Zealand, Turkey, and Denmark