Extrusion Process

The extrusion process is a metal-forming, high production volume process that uses continuous cast billet that has had the external diameter machined to remove oxides and other casting impurities. During the extrusion process, long sections are produced as a heated billet of metal is pushed through a die. The shape of the section produced is determined by the opening in the die. With Extrusion, there are high forces applied to form the metal whilst it is heated to a plastic state, resulting in product with superior grain structure and mechanical properties (similar to forged parts). Extrusions usually have an excellent surface finish and relatively fine dimensional tolerances.

Kormax’s Extruded Metals Range

Kormax offers a range of extruded bar stocked materials in standard sizes and profiles for further machining. Knowing how crucial these materials are to our customers’ projects, we offer a cut-to-size same day dispatch service.  

Extrusions can also be supplied in custom sizes and shapes.

Extruded Casting Services NZ, US, and AU


Suitable for both brittle and ductile materials

No oxidation takes place in this process

Smooth surface, with superior dimension control, and well-defined geometry

Uniform products are produced

Better grain structure and accuracy achieved

Economical for mass production

Alloys Available

Alloys Related Markets
110 Copper Busbars, Conductors, Gaskets, Heat Exchangers, Radiators, Roof Flashings, Terminals
630 Nickel Aluminium Bronze Aircraft Parts, Hydraulic Bushings for Earth Moving Equipment, Marine Fasteners & Fittings, Pump Parts, Shafting, Ship Propellers, Valve Seats, Guides & Balls
Aluminium 6061 Automotive Components, Aviation Parts, Couplings and Valves, Electrical Fittings, Food Processing, Health Equipment, Marine Parts, Tank Fittings 
Aluminium 6082  Cranes, High Stress Applications, Transport Equipment 
Aluminium 7075  Aircraft Structural Parts, Load Bearing Components, Scaffolding 

Other metal types available includes: Aluminium, Copper, Bronze, Brass

Extruded Bar Capabilities

Profiles include Solid Round, Square, Flat Bar, and Custom. 

Minimum run size of 1000 kg for custom sizes.

Extruded Bar
Size Range Round: up to 320 mm OD
Flat: up to 425 mm wide and 203 mm thick.
Cost Low
Design Freedom Limited
Casting Soundness Excellent
Surface Finish Excellent
Development Time Not required for standard (Custom 4 – 8 weeks)
Production Time 3 – 8 weeks (Common size alloys in stock)
Foundry Locations India, France, and Israel