Machining Services

Machining is a critical subtractive manufacturing process that is widely used when producing many finished castings. Sometimes castings are ready for use as cast but in many cases machining is required to achieve precise tolerance dimensions or casting features that can’t be formed from moulding. These features could include detail such as threaded holes, seal surfaces or lubrication cavities. 

Machining Capabilities Include

CNC Vertical Turning Centers

3 Axis – 14000 rpm

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

5 Axis – 12000 rpm

CNC Horizontal Machining Center

3 x 1 Axis – 12000 rpm

CNC Horizontal Lathe

4Axis – 5000 rpm

Manual Lathes

CNC Router

3 Axis

Drilling Machine/Tapping Machining

Wedge Opening Machine