Our Story

With a mission to enable engineering victories, Kormax exists to supply superior metal castings, engineering materials, and industry expertise. 

About Kormax and How We Work

As a fourth generation, proudly New Zealand owned family business, Kormax is passionate about taking New Zealand ingenuity to the global engineering world.

Since 1947, Kormax, part of Milson Group, has brought its foundry experience, technical expertise, and production resources to add value to our customers every step of the way.

Over the decades we have seen industries grow and change, becoming what they are today. Throughout this time, we have reshaped and adapted our business to ensure that it is always in the best position to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide exactly what they need, and better.

With diverse production capabilities and a broad range of alloys, our customers trust us for delivery of excellent quality cast components and engineering materials.

“With expert knowledge and a “how can we help” attitude, Kormax’s mission is to bring value-adding Foundry solutions to the world’s metal casting requirements. ”


Scott Davis

Managing Director & Co-owner

Our Values

We Grow Together

We help each other thrive; greatness comes from unlocking each other’s potential.

Our Team Is Your Team

As one team, we partner with our customers to succeed together.

Always Reliable

We keep our promises and are passionate about delivering beyond the expected.

We Think Creatively

‘How can we help’ drives our approach to think differently to enable customer success.

Your Project Is Our Priority. Our Team Is Here For You.

What really puts Kormax at the forefront of innovative castings and materials solutions is our team. Our knowledgeable and forward-thinking team work together to offer world-class solutions to engineers around the world. When we say we will do something, we will do it, and we will do it right – ensuring reliability and expertise at all stages of your project.

Our History

75 Years Of Excellence

From manhole covers to fully fledged foundries, the history of Milson Group started with one simple idea – to start a family run metal casting business in the heart of New Zealand. But back in 1947, what founder Edward Nathanial Davis did not realise is that he was casting much more than just iron or brass – Edward was casting the future of Kormax.

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Combining our understanding and experience with a broad range of casting methods and alloys – our value-adding, creative solutions mean we have a way of making the “complex” simple and improving our customers’ design outcomes. 

Contact us for an obligation-free consultation. We would love to hear about your project

Engineering Materials Supplier in New Zealand, US, and Australia
Engineering Materials Supplier in New Zealand, US, and Australia
Engineering Materials Supplier in New Zealand, US, and Australia
Engineering Materials Supplier in New Zealand, US, and Australia

Quality Management

Kormax is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified. This achievement is a testament to our relentless Growth and Continuous Improvement culture, with Reliability being a core value.

Achieving these certifications means that our customers have an assurance that we will continue to operate in the professional manner that they have come to expect.