Iron Alloys

Iron Alloys

Iron alloys have been fundamental in shaping the industrial landscape for centuries, offering a spectrum of properties tailored to diverse applications. At Kormax we pride ourselves on our expertise in casting various iron alloys, delivering exceptional quality and reliability to our customers.

From the robust durability of Cast Iron to the ductile versatility of Ductile Iron, our range encompasses alloys designed to meet the specific demands of a multitude of industries. Each alloy possesses unique characteristics, rendering them suitable for specific applications, whether it’s high-temperature resistance, enhanced machinability, or superior strength.

Kormax can cast several Iron Alloys including:

Iron Alloys
White Iron Known for its exceptional hardness and wear resistance, White Iron finds it’s utility in applications requiring resistance to abrasion and impact.
Ductile Iron Renowned for its remarkable ductility and strength, Ductile Iron offers versatility across a broad range of industries, from automotive to construction
Heat Resistant Iron Engineered to withstand high temperature and thermal cycling, Heat Resistant Iron is indispensable in applications where thermal stability is paramount, such as foundry molds and furnace components.
Grey Cast Iron Cast Iron embodies a balance of strength, machineability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice in various structural and decorative applications.
Austenitic Ductile Iron Combining the ductility of Ductile Iron with the corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel, Austenitic Ductile Iron offers exceptional performance in corrosive environments.

Please note: this list of alloys is not exhaustive. For more Iron Alloy options, contact the Kormax Team today.