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At Kormax, our dedicated metallurgical team stands ready to provide guidance on selecting the optimal material for your product’s operational requirements. But we don’t stop there; we also offer insights into the best casting processes tailored to your chosen material.

Alloys are created by blending a base metal like Iron, Copper, or Aluminium with a variety of additives. These additives, even in small quantities, can significantly alter the properties of the metal.

We understand the importance of considering material properties such as melting point, thermal characteristics, solidification nature, and fluidity when selecting a casting process. With our expertise, rest assured that your component’s performance will be optimized from the initial design phase to the final product.

Aluminium Alloys

These alloys are widely used in a multitude of industries due to their unique properties.
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Iron Alloys

Iron alloys have been fundamental in shaping the industrial landscape for centuries,...
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Nickel Alloys

Nickel Alloys are renowned for their unique combination of corrosion resistance,...
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Stainless Steel Alloys

At Kormax, we are experts in creating a diverse range of stainless-steel castings.
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Steel Alloys

At Kormax, our proficiency extends to the creation of a diverse array of steel alloys castings.
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