Benefits of Casting vs. Fabrication – Lessons Learnt from Tesla and IDRA’s Giga Press

Growing Tesla’s Gross Margin by 147% from $2.2 billion to $5.4 billion YoY, could only be achieved by a game changing innovation in their manufacturing process.

IDRA, in collaboration with Tesla, developed the Giga Press – a high-powered die-casting machine – in order to cast the frame of the vehicle, offering a compelling solution to the challenges posed by traditional manufacturing methods. The video “The Real Reason Tesla Developed the Giga Press” sheds light on what happens when two engineering-minded companies collaborate to achieve innovative paradigm shifts. It also offers valuable insights into the advantages of casting essential components, over traditional methods like fabrication.

The Real Reason Tesla Developed The Giga Press!

Benefits of Casting Automotive Parts through the Giga Press

One of the standout benefits of casting parts through the Giga Press is its unparalleled efficiency. Unlike conventional stamping, where metal sheets are shaped and then welded or riveted together to form a part, the Giga Press uses a single high-powered clamping action to create a seamless and consistent singular cast piece. This innovation reduces potential failure points, which are created when bonding parts together, and enhances the overall structural integrity of the vehicle.

Elon Musk himself noted the remarkable impact of transitioning from fabrication to casting. By adopting the Giga Press technology, Tesla managed to streamline their manufacturing process, reducing the assembly of the vehicle’s frame from a complex 70 small parts to a single, robust cast piece. This transformation not only optimized production time but also flowed through to the financial results with an astounding 147% increase in Tesla’s Gross Margin in Q1 2022, reflecting the power of casting in reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Benefits of Casting Automotive Parts through the Giga Press

The impact of the Giga Press and the philosophy behind it hold valuable lessons:

  • Efficiency and Streamlining:
    The Giga Press’s ability to manufacture complex components, like Tesla Vehicle Frames, through casting, underscores the significance of casting in streamlining production processes. Kormax draws inspiration from this in knowing that replacing traditional manufacturing methods with casting can lead to quicker turnaround times, reduced assembly complexities, and heightened overall efficiency.
  • Structural Integrity:
    The Giga Press’s single-cast approach eliminates potential failure points arising from bonding separate parts. Kormax understands the importance of producing components with fewer joints or seams, ultimately contributing to more robust and reliable end products.
  • Intricate Details:
    Casting, as exemplified by the Giga Press, offers the unique advantage of capturing intricate details that would otherwise be unattainable using alternative methods. This gives our customers confidence in a higher level of precision and sophistication in their products.
  • Consistency and Quality: :
    Once a casting pattern is approved, every casting produced is identical. In contrast, fabrications often involve human errors and the possibility of incorrect assembly. Casting ensures consistent quality and minimizes variability.
  • Strength and Reliability: :
    The molten material used in casting creates a stronger bond between individual parts than fabrication methods. This results in a more secure and reliable final product, contributing to its longevity and performance.


As manufacturing sectors continue to evolve, the legacy of the Giga Press reminds us of the importance of efficiency, streamlined processes, enhanced structural integrity, attention to intricate details, and consistent quality. These principles are what drives Kormax towards consistently providing engineering excellence.

The impact of the Giga Press and the philosophy behind it, holds true for how Kormax collaborates with customers to achieve engineering victories through casting processes.

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