The Polymer Material Selector Chart

Select the best Polymer for your application using this easy selection guide

Welcome to our Polymer Selector Guide, a useful tool created to assist engineers in making informed material choices for their products by considering both polymer material properties and the operating environment. Selecting the right Kormax polymer for a specific application requires a thorough understanding of the material’s properties and its compatibility with the operating conditions it will encounter. Our guide combines a range of polymer material properties and operating environment factors like temperature, and mechanical stress. By considering the interplay between material properties and the operating environment, our guide helps engineers to choose the most suitable polymer that ensures optimal performance, durability, and reliability for their products. Whether you’re developing consumer goods, industrial equipment, medical devices, or any other application, our Polymer Selector Guide is here to simplify your decision-making process and help you achieve engineering excellence.

Download our Polymer Material Selector Chart for your reference and contact our experienced Sales team today for a free no-obligation talk about your polymer product requirements.