Kiln Trolley Success Story

They were lasting not even a year, and we’ve had these ones for two years now and it’s going really well – Kiwi Lumber.

The Toughmax Series 3 bearings:

  • Maintenance-free bearing material for heavy duty applications
  • Customisable plug design for rotating, oscillating or reciprocating motion
  • Available with the Enviro-Plug or Oilmax plug options
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 250°C/480°F
  • High Wear resistance
  • Low friction coefficient

These reliable bearings have had incredible success in the hardware market so far. Most notably, Kiwi Lumber has hailed them as being their go to option in the case of the ideal bearing for supporting the need for kiln trolleys holding timber. They are self-lubricating which means they can fit them in then forget about them.

Kiwi Lumber were using ceramic bearings to support their timber packets. However, these bearings weren’t ideal enough given the immense pressure and use time that was required, with Kiwi Lumber’s engineer stating that, ‘’with the load and weight and pressure they [ceramic bearings] were shattering.” Having unexpected breakdowns can slow them down getting timber through the kilns and is a big inconvenience and loss of production. With the Kormax bearings all their bearing maintenance has just been scheduled replacements.

The kiln trolleys support eight timber packets per trolley with an additional series of weights that sit on top. The trolleys are then pushed along a track into the kiln and take around three days to be processed and output as a dry product. The packets are then stored but the trolley is immediately reused to host the next batch of timber packets.

This constant use means that the ceramic bearings were regularly faulting, the reason for switching to Kormax’s sturdy and reliable Toughmax Series 3 Bearings.

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