L2C Compactor System – Revolutionising Seasonal Productivity with Innovation


L2C Compactors Ltd., a New Zealand-owned business, faced a significant challenge every winter season when their compactors remained idle for at least half of the year not earning an income. Determined to transform this challenge into an opportunity, Tony Wilson, the visionary behind L2C Limited, invented the L2C Compactor System – a game-changing solution that allows Volvo loaders to work year-round, turning downtime into continuous productivity, as either a loader or a soil compactor.

The L2C Compactor System

The innovative L2C Compactor System, which attaches to Volvo’s L120, L150-180 loaders, features compactor wheels, cleaner bars, mounting system and a blade, enabling loaders to perform compacting tasks during the summer months. The key innovation is the ease of installation and removal, facilitated by a comprehensive kit. After the initial setup (welding of cleaner bar mount plates on the chassis), the loader-to-compactor conversion can be completed in a short 5-hour job.

Volvo loaders were chosen as the ideal base for the system due to their reputation for reliability, excellent fuel economy, and superior operator comfort. (Volvo does not currently have their own large compactor vehicle in this class size).

L2C Compactor kit on a Volvo loader

The Challenge

L2C sourced the castings for the compactor teeth from an offshore supplier and experienced significant supply and communication problems. Long lead times, late deliveries, inaccurate dimensional tolerances, and inconsistent quality lead to costly reworks and delays. 

The Solution

Seeking an alternative, more dependable supplier, Tony turned to Kormax NZ, a company renowned for its innovative engineering solutions and reliability. Upon receiving the design drawings of the casted compactor teeth, the Kormax team applied their usual “how can we help” approach.

  • Design improvements to reduce complexity and cost
    Kormax’s team recognized an opportunity to optimize the design of the compactor teeth. Instead of the original 11 individually casted compactor teeth components welded together to form the outer compaction ring, Kormax proposed a redesign of the teeth into four sections of three teeth. This optimization would streamline fabrication and reduce stock holding. New CAD drawings were presented to L2C, reflecting this improved design.
  • Ensuring quality
    Kormax’s metallurgy experts matched the material specifications required for the project and selected the No-Bake sand-casting process which best suited the dimensions and material specification.  The No-Bake process was selected based on its ability to produce the sectioned compactor teeth precisely to L2C’s specifications and within budget.

    Upon approval of the proposal, the production process commenced. Patterns were meticulously created, and production samples were generated for thorough testing and validation. Kormax’s commitment to quality assurance ensured that the final product met or exceeded L2C’s expectations.

The Engineering Victory

The case of L2C Contractors and their collaboration with Kormax highlights the importance of partnership in innovation to overcome challenges and enhance opportunities.

Not only is fabrication time and stock holding reduced, Kormax’s reliable quality assurance processes and global distribution expertise means that L2C can now also have supply certainty. Having Kormax manufacturing and managing international distribution has taken the offshore supply headaches away for L2C. Kormax is proud to be a trusted casting supplier to L2C ensuring seamless supply to meet their growing demand.

L2C Compactor kit on a Volvo loader

For more information visit L2C’s website to learn more about their groundbreaking compactor systems.

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