Lasting Impressions with Brass

At Kormax, one thing has always been certain – to create great things, you need great materials. And when we work with our customers to deliver the best quality resources, well, we love it when things materialise.

We’ve helped the big guys like Buckley Systems, Hustler, Hunza Lighting, and GammInCo. But we don’t just supply top level industry leaders. We also supply leaders in their chosen craft.

Steve Wheeler, Bladesmith – Founder & Owner of Wheeler Sculpting & Knives.

With over 7000 of his creations in the world, Steve has been crafting top quality blades using brass for 28 years. From hunting knives to refurbished swords, sealing business deals to crafting heirlooms, Wheeler knives have cut their way into the lives of many.

But recently, Steve’s had a host of knives come back to his workshop.


To make them even better.

The 20-year-old trusted knives, used time and time again, have come back with requests to have family and friends’ names etched into them, so they can be trusted for generations to come.

It’s safe to say that Steve isn’t just making blades. Steve’s making long lasting impressions. And to make long lasting impressions, you need reliable and durable materials.

That’s why Steve chose Kormax.

So, what is it that makes Brass so cutting edge?

Superior Machine Characteristics – High levels of Formability
Far More Malleable Than Bronze – Ideal for Shaping
Great Suitability for Decorative Purposes – Desirable Gold Colouring

We’re proud that Steve has put his trust in our Brass Flat Bars, and we’re even prouder that Steve has put his trust in Kormax.

We’ll say it again – to create great things, you need great materials.

Photographs supplied by Wheeler Sculpting & Knives

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