SATCO Achieve Global Success with Forestry Attachments


SATCO is an innovative New Zealand-owned forestry and forestry attachments company making a global impact. They have grown from a small manufacturer to an internationally recognized benchmark in the forestry industry. Kormax supplies many of the high quality materials required to make SATCO’s global success story possible.


The expert staff at SATCO design, manufacture, assemble and service vital forestry attachments for worldwide distribution. Their research and

development programs are instrumental in the global logging industry and the adoption of safer, better performing products.

SATCO products are globally respected for their versatility, safety, strength and lifespan. SATCO looks for only the highest quality products, built from the highest quality materials.

Warwick, SATCO’s Managing Director, is quick to identify the close relationship between materials and the value of their final product. Warwick notes that, in order to avoid problems, suppliers must understand their product requirements and be able to provide the right advice from the outset. Materials that are specified to the right tolerance and fit for purpose are key to the reliability of SATCO equipment.

According to Warwick, a good supplier must have high quality components, an uninterrupted supply, and “own the problem and fix things” if a problem arises.

Challenges in the Supply Chain

High quality materials are not the only driving factor when choosing a supplier. Rapid developments and tight deadlines characterise the global logging industry, and as a result, SATCO looks for a supplier whom they can trust under pressure, with a preference toward local businesses.

Then there is the question of the supply chain. With local and international suppliers waiting on vital pieces of forestry equipment, SATCO cannot afford any delays as this will impact their customers, their reputation and ongoing relationships. In fact, supply is so critical that even a small delay can have a detrimental knock-on effect to the entire distribution process.

When SATCO’s procurement manager, Chelle, went looking for a new supplier the key criteria was supply reliability, delivery accuracy, delivery reliability and a quality product that meets international standards. Chelle also had an eye toward customer service and dollar value, and stresses that any good supply chain “must be supported with good communication and an honest relationship…and, of course, the right product has to come at the right price that makes it economically viable”.

SATCO’s partnership with Kormax

Kormax provides SATCO with quality materials specific to their needs with a high degree of certainty over deliveries.

Chelle notes: “Kormax are great to deal with, good with their communications and never leave us in the lurch”. Chelle also feels confident that Kormax will, “keep me updated on deliveries…and if there is a problem Kormax takes responsibility to fix it – it is how you rectify an issue that makes you a good supplier in my eyes. I would be happy to recommend Kormax”.

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