Who is NZ AutoTraps

Based in Whakatane, NZ AutoTraps was founded in 2016 when their inventor, Kev, recognized the need for a self-setting predator trap that is custom built for the NZ environment. Now, with six years in-field experience and over 10,000 traps, NZ AutoTraps is successfully changing the environment.  Their AT220 Trap is NZ’s only automatic, self-resetting trap that kills both possums and rats.

The Challenge

NZ AutoTraps found that the size of the Aluminium 6061 Flat Bar that they were machining down to make a particular part, creating waste material and extra machining costs. 

The Solution

Kormax’s Aluminium supplier has a vast range of available die sizes. After listening to the client’s needs and looking at their design, Kormax was able to offer NZ AutoTraps a size of Aluminium 6061 Flat Bar that is closer to what they need for their part.  

The Engineering Victory

With the closer size match, NZ AutoTraps is now enjoying the benefits of using less material, and saving time, machining costs, and material costs. The efficient manufacturing of an innovative, one of its kind, automatic self re-setting possum and rat trap, is allowing our environment to be predator free and the threatened North Island brown kiwi to thrive. Find out more on NZ AutoTraps’ website. 

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NZ Auto Traps 

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