Sand Casting Process Steps

Learn more about the Sand-Casting Process Steps with this Diagram

Sand casting is a versatile and widely used manufacturing process that allows for the production of complex metal parts with relative ease and cost-effectiveness.

Kormax’s Sand Casting Services include Green Sand, Hard Sand (No Bake) and Shell Sand Casting in a variety of alloys (Steel, Iron, Bronzes and other materials) and is equipped to handle everything from specialty parts to large volume runs.

The Sand Casting process involves the creation of a mold made of sand, into which molten metal is poured to create the desired shape. The process follows several essential steps, each contributing to the successful production of high-quality castings. From pattern creation and mold preparation to pouring and solidification, this intricate process combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to bring intricate designs to life.

Read our What is Sand Casting blog for more information about Sand Casting and the process. The diagram below is a visual depiction of the various steps involved in the sand casting process.

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